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MAGIC is pleased to announce our partnership with Hey Social Good to verify and rank our exhibitors for their sustainable and social good practices. The Verified Sustainable and Medal Ranking status that is awarded to each company reflects the hard work and dedication that goes toward adopting sustainable practices. As part of the vetting process, we cross-check each company’s positive impacts with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including social responsibility, responsible production, ethical practices, and environmental practices—all of which speak to MAGIC’s commitment to sustainability and the eradication of greenwashing across the fashion industry.

Who is Hey Social Good?

Hey Social Good is a social impact tech company that reviews and verifies the environmental, social, and governance practices of private and public businesses. The platform awards medal rankings from bronze to platinum to sustainable, ethical, and socially conscious businesses, facilities and organizations, working to make a positive impact on people and the planet. Hey Social Good conducts social good assessment and verification on brands, companies, non-profit organizations and supply chain operators, including manufacturers and suppliers.​​

The Hey Social Good SGA team is composed of established data scientists, research scientists and domain knowledge data analysts. The SGA team is headed by Dr. Cindy J Lin, who previously worked at the US Environmental Protection Agency on standards development, research science, and environmental policy to restore polluted natural resources.​

​The SGA team has a combined 50+ years of scientific research experience with multiple PhDs and masters degrees. The specialty areas of expertise include: environmental science, data science, sustainability innovations, green infrastructure, ecosystem and environmental health, water quality, air pollution, environmental engineering, toxicology, public and social health, ecology, biophysics, and health sciences. Lastly, the SGA team is composed of scientists and analysts who are multilingual, and can review information and data in Chinese, Spanish and Tamil (Indian language).​

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How We Define Sustainability

In alignment with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we define a company as working on sustainability if multiple of the following practices are in process or adopted:

  • The sustainable footprint of a product and packaging by considering compostability, recyclability, reusability, etc.​
  • Source goods and products sustainably and responsibly by seeking renewable resources, providing fair labor practices, and more.​

  • Reduce and/or offset energy use, carbon emissions and water impacts during a company’s manufacturing, production and operations processes. ​

  • Eliminate, reduce, or offset energy or gas used for distribution and/or transportation practices.​

  • Sustainably manage waste generated by manufacturing, production, and office operations.  ​

Our sustainability ranking considers the above practices as a minimum. In addition, a company must transparently demonstrate its sustainable practices in order to meet our minimum sustainability criteria.

Medal Rankings

Based on each company’s give-back and sustainability activities, practices, and efforts, we calculate a medal ranking of Bronze, Silver, or Gold. We adopted the medal ranking system to reflect the often long journey towards creating complete sustainable and social good strategies. We know how deeply hard it can be, and how this pathway to achieving sustainability can take years. With medal ranks, we recognize and encourage all efforts and accomplishments every step of the way. Below, we describe the general principles of each medal ranking level. The term “company” refers to any independently operating enterprise, facility, factory, or entity.​


A brand proven in driving sustainability practices​

  • Sustainability is an integral part of the brand's DNA​.

  • Brand makes an impact in 6 or more United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals of Product & Life Cycle Management. ​

  • Brand establishes a circularity process from design to supply chain to product lifestyle consistently. ​​

  • Brand makes groundbreaking strides to reduce its own pollution footprint. ​

  • Brand quantifies and tracks its positive impact with data.


A brand rising in strengthening sustainability practices​

  • Brand makes an impact in 4 or more United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals of Product & Life Cycle Management. ​​

  • Brand reduces its pollution footprint in the following categories: waste, energy use, packaging, production processing, use of environmentally preferred materials.


A brand emerging in creating sustainability impact​

  • Brand makes in-depth impact in at least 2 areas of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.​​

  • Brand creates a positive impact by making better sustainable choices in the areas of environmentally preferred materials, social compliance, and production process.

What Does a "Verified in Sustainability" Status Mean?

When a brand receives a "VERIFIED IN SUSTAINABILITY" badge or status, this means that Hey Social Good confirms the company’s claimed sustainability practices and stands by the efforts they are making to create a positive impact. This is based on our review of the detailed practices and the brand’s own submitted documentation and evidence. HSG reviews hundreds of data points and records in order to confirm a company’s verified status.​

2024 Sustainable Exhibitors

Check out our sustainable exhibitors who were awarded for their efforts at one of this year's events:


Eileen Fisher




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