In Focus: Emerging Brands 

Meet some of the new brands from MAGIC New York. 


MAGIC New York is all about discovering what’s new and next, especially from emerging brands. Hosting a variety of up-and-coming brands, there was lots of excitement within the booths of these new exhibitors. While they cover a variety of categories, our newest brands represent singularity in an approach to growing their businesses, with similar wisdom, virtues, and tenacity. In a city known for fierceness as well as fashion-forwardness, these brands share the ways in which showing their collections and staying true to themselves has made all the difference as they become part of the MAGIC family. 


“We have had moments of difficulties but in the end, everything is an opportunity for growth. Nothing is impossible… Insist and never give up. Work for each dream and each of your goals as hard as if it were the only opportunity you have.” 

-Laura Rodriguez Zabarian, Executive Director + Owner, Movu Sportswear  




“Sustainability is a priority for us; we are always learning about new technology, recycled and natural fabrics that are sustainable for generations to come. All our supply lines — from design through manufacturing to your door — are eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical. I think if more businesses commit to helping the planet, we can gradually make a difference.”

-Romona Norton, Founder + Owner, Cari Capri 




“Follow your instinct and surround yourself with amazing employees. Pop is like a family, we created an amazing space for our staff to evolve and bring to the table their best assets. Since our official launch, almost 3 years ago, we followed our instinct and it brought us where we wanted to be and keeps on bringing us higher! In other words, just gotta do what feels right!” 

-Alxander Ferland, U.S. Executive, Pop Underwear  



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