MAGIC New York February 2022

Best Fit Forward 

Street style snaps from MAGIC New York


From monochromatic looks to bright hues, dressing for spring was top of mind at MAGIC New York.

Here are some of our favorite street style looks and the inspiration behind them.  

Debra, D. Toure 

“I knew I was coming to a place where there was fashion and I just wanted to be me. And so this is my casual me. I like anything that stands out—the wow factor—even if it’s a simple jacket.”

Alyssa, Jagged Edge Boutique

“I wanted to be very retro, bohemian, kinda hippie vibes. And I also wanted to be warm. So I love these pants, they’re my favorite just because they’re a really big statement piece and the flare is just unbelievable. And I thought the only thing you could really pair with it is a cream color to make the pants stand out and it’s a fuzzy sweater so it’s just so nice and comfortable.” 

McKenzie, Bobbles and Lace 

Pictured: Second from right  

“I was going for a more classic look. Thinking about the shoes and what we were going to do but still trying to pull it together with neutrals and trying to be a bit more spring with the weather.” 

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