IN FOCUS: MAGIC Las Vegas February 2022

Give The Gift

This special category brings deeper customer to brand connections with opportunity for sales growth. 


Take it from our home, gift, and beauty brands, MAGIC Las Vegas is the spot to come together as a community, build businesses, brainstorm, and grow. As this category continues to expand, we love that bit of “extra,” be it candles with a message and a wink, sparkle to give your assortment shine, and more of the little things that make a big impact. Industry Influencers and brands agree, there is opportunity for fashion retailers to incorporate home and gift categories into their merchandise mix. Stay tuned for more post-show editorial from MAGIC Las Vegas coming soon. 


“Our candles are great items for retailers to get into home and gifting. They offer a sensory and emotional experience you don’t get with other products. They look elevated, but have an affordable price point. They don’t take up a lot of space. - plus one size fits all. We also have accessory items for our candles like our wick trimmer + snuffer set. Our matches have also been a best seller as well! Our mood oils are also a perfect impulse buy and great on the go items. They also have a really small footprint so can be merchandised anywhere from the main floor to the cash wrap area. Wellness is always a great seller, and it seemed like a no brainer to add this to our home/gift assortment being a fragrant item.”

- Krysten Kauder, Founder + VP, Partnerships, Candier by Ryan Porter 


“Often times, the clothing items will bring a customer in, but upon shopping they will find home and gift items that grab their attention and turn their $40 shirt purchase into a $100 shirt, candle, and gift purchase.”

- Sadie Young, Founder, Flicker & Flame 


Pictured from Left to Right: Darlene Mitchell, Retail Boutique Advisor & Coach; Dane Cohen, Management One


“I believe one of the easiest opportunities for a fashion retailer to add home/gift into their mix is ... scents. Scents whether as candles and/or diffusers. Think about it, your closet is full of your favorite items, why wouldn't you want your home to be full of your favorite scents. A scent envelopes you in a particular mood - beachy casual, lavender lounge or amber sexy.” - Darlene Mitchell, Retail Boutique Advisor and Coach


 “I think that what retailers need to realize is that there has been a fundamental shift in the consumer and there is a huge opportunity to meet the consumer where they are now. There are different interests, there are different hobbies, there are different activities. And one of those things is really putting a lot of passion and love into the customer's home. A fashion retailer would be really smart to go after that business and start introducing categories that blend into their product assortment and offer the customer an option to really delve into home in a way that makes sense for their store.” -Dane Cohen, Management One  

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