24/7 Digital Access to our International Community of Global Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Service Providers


Attendees will be able to browse the digital marketplace through various search filter options in an easy-to-use platform designed with the fashion sourcing and supply chain professional in mind.  

Exhibitors will gain exposure to our most well-known and trusted buyers through a centralized, online marketplace driven by targeted marketing, exclusive content, education, company storytelling, and innovative virtual technology.

Greater Exhibitor Discovery in an Online Global Supply Chain Marketplace


Discover connections, new and old, via the global array of manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers that SOURCING at MAGIC is well-known for. Discover new countries and regions: we offer reshoring and near-shoring sourcing options to fit your business needs.

Seminars, Learning, & Resources Provided by the Industry's Top Experts and Influencers


Exclusive to our platform only, you will receive free, unlimited access to live and recorded seminars, events, content, and resources, similar to our well-regarded live event educational experience. Access up-to-date news, educational content, networking opportunities, plus tools to take your fashion business to the next level. Active and dynamic content will be presented by sourcing leaders relevant to your business.

SOURCING at MAGIC Online Resources

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Answers to your frequently asked questions.

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32 Steps to Producing Apparel 


When starting the exciting journey of creating a new brand, it's ESPECIALLY important to understand the various steps that go into garment production. This session outlines and explains the significance of each phase.


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