Exhibitor FAQs for SOURCING at MAGIC Online

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the event.
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About SOURCING at MAGIC Online

The cost for exhibiting at SOURCING at MAGIC Online is $1,995.

SOURCING at MAGIC Online will run from September 15, 2020 to December 15, 2020. 

SOURCING at MAGIC Online offers exposure to a global buying audience through a centralized, digital marketplace driven by targeted marketing, exclusive content, and innovative digital technology. Our online platform will drive relevant buyers to your online company profile through AI-powered matchmaking and lead generation, and robust keyword search capability as well as constant outreach throughout the event to our 26,000+ customer database. You may also upgrade your profile with an enhanced listing and various sponsorship opportunities.

To signup for an enhanced exhibitor listing or a sponsorship, please contact your sales rep or you may email us at [email protected].


About the Platform

This is excellent! This means you're already half-way there! You may already have your assets in a format ready for upload onto our platform. There is a thorough onboarding process and user support to help you build and manage your online profile during the 3 months of SOURCING at MAGIC Online. For more details about the platform or onboarding, contact us at [email protected]

Yes, you’ll have full capabilities 24/7 to connect and message buyers for the duration of SOURCING at MAGIC Online. You'll be able to track your messages and receive notifications right in your profile.

Yes, you will be able to download and print reports from your profile. 

Exhibitors will be organized by multiple different categories, including country of origin, product offerings, price, and other criteria that you set in your profile. You also have the ability to include tags with each of your products to optimize buyer search visibility. Since you can self-manage and access your profile 24/7, you can proactively update and make changes to your profile anytime at your convenience.


Managing and Connecting with Buyers

Through the combined database of our Informa Markets Fashion trade events and MAGIC Marketplaces, a global pool of buyers are resourced, featuring startup, mid-level, and top-tier VIP buyers searching to build out their supply chain, lower their cost, and ramp-up production. All buyers are required to register and are vetted by Show Management before given access to SOURCING at MAGIC Online. We do this in order to provide a valuable experience to our exhibitors. Through the connection and privacy settings that you elect in your profile, you have control over which buyers can view your profile and what information they can see.

You can connect with both current and potential buyers through direct messaging and an appointment caledar tool in your profile. The platform provides both passive and proactive matchmaking and lead generation opportunities through an AI management system.

To protect and respect the privacy of all users on the platform, we have set strict privacy settings and guidelines. You will be able to see buyers who have viewed your profile, however in order to send a message or interact with the buyer you must send a connection request. You may view a list of buyers and activity in your profile provided under Analytics in your profile.

We provide this as part of our concierge matchmaking service. Please send your wishlist of buyers and/or companies to [email protected]. We will reach out to the buyer on your behalf to view your profile and connect with you directly. Although we will do our best to facilitate a connection, ultimately it is the buyer's decision and responsibility to make the connection. We will notify you once we've sent out the invite for the buyer to connect.

Yes, you can invite your current customers to SOURCING at MAGIC Online. Your company profile page has a unique URL, so you can send a link and invite your customers to visit. You can also do this right on the platform via your profile with the "Share Showroom Link" option.

No, when you invite your customer to view your profile on SOURCING at MAGIC Online, your customer has privileges to view your profile only. Your customer database will not be shared with anyone else and will remain private. In order for your customer to visit other exhibitors on the platform, they must join the community and register to create a profile.

The following are some ways to increase the visibility of your company and products in our SOURCING at MAGIC Online event:

1. Remain active throughout the event by participating in the Community Feed by making announcements through posts as well as updating your profile and products.

2. Create an optimized exhibitor profile for a buyer to view by adding as much information, photos, and videos as possible in your company profile, showroom, and product pages.

3. Add new products with detailed information including pricing if it is available. Tip: Products with pricing available are pushed to the front of a buyer's product search.

5. Promote any special offers of your products on the platform’s Community Feed.

6. Upload high quality, clear images with informative product descriptions. Upload the latest photos you have for your products.

7. Contact your Sales Rep or [email protected] to become a featured exhibitor or sponsor.


Managing Your Profile 

You will receive full onboard training and tips on how to setup, upload products, and manage your company profile with full editing capabilities 24/7. SOURCING at MAGIC Online has a simple, easy-to-use, drag and drop functionality for uploading assets. Plus as a head-start, we are pre-populating your profile with all the information that you provided us in your contract. Throughout the duration of SOURCING at MAGIC Online, we will have a dedicated support team available to assist with any technical questions or issues.

Exhibitor onboarding begins on August 15, 2020 and SOURCING at MAGIC Online goes live to buyers on September 15, 2020. You will have one month (30 days) to build your profile page and upload your products. Show Management will be reviewing profiles, making recommendations, and assisting in every way to optimize your profile and make your onboarding experience as best as possible.

We will be providing onboarding materials and user manuals as well as video tutorials and tips. The self-managed materials will be available 24/7. We will also be scheduling live demos by appointment. You will receive full training on how to use the platform, along with numerous on-demand guides and resources available on the platform under Resources. The SOURCING at MAGIC Online support team is available to assist with all your technical questions and issues.

You have complete control of your privacy settings in your profile. You may select one of 3 options: (1) only your connections, (2) "community" - all the registered buyers on the platform, or (3) the public - which includes fellow exhibitors and non-registered guests. These settings can be tailored to allow only connected buyers to see your profile, products, and pricing (if applicable) or you may choose to make your information open to all buyers.

All your data from your company profile and products will be saved in the database for a year and can be accessed and edited in future digital events.

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