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Attendee Registration & Login Credentials

You can register for SOURCING Online through our website here . Registration will be open during our entire 2-month online event.

To access SOURCING Online, all attendees must be a qualified professional in the apparel and/or footwear industry. Your submitted professional credentials will be reviewed and approved by Informa Markets prior to being granted access to the SOURCING at MAGIC Online Platform. Valid credentials may include: an active brand/company website or social media account, a business card displaying your brand/company name with your info, or receipts showing purchases of samples and/or materials from a manufacturer or supplier.

Because SOURCING Online and NuORDER are independent and different shopping platforms optimized for the type of businesses and customers they serve, you will need to register and complete separate profiles for each platform. Good news is that if you already have approved credentials with NuORDER, chances are you will be automatically vetted to join SOURCING Online for free. Just complete the attendee registration form here and you receive an invite to complete your profile on SOURCING Online.

Your login credentials will be sent to the email address provided upon registration, closer to the event start date. Here you can login to setup your profile and password. You will also be provided easy-to-follow tutorials that will help you quickly create your profile and get started. This email will contain welcome information that illustrates the onboarding process, what to expect as well as best practices and quick tips.

For security reasons we do not recommend that you share your login credentials with anyone who does not manage your account. Once you create your profile, you will be able to invite and assign users within your company profile.

You can reset with these three (3) easy steps:

1) Login to the SOURCING Online platform

2) When prompted, hit the button "SIGN IN"

3) In smaller font look for "Reset Password"

Do you or your company already have an account with Balluun? If so, please email [email protected] to gain access to SOURCING at MAGIC Online.


Accessing SOURCING at MAGIC Online

No, for qualified attendees there is no fee to register and access SOURCING Online.

To access SOURCING Online, you will need to login via the email invite link you will receive to create your profile. We will be emailing the link to you closer to the event start date. Be on the look out for this email invite.

Access to SOURCING Online opens on March 1st, 2021, when our online event commences. Once SOURCING Online opens on March 1st, we will have tutorial content and best practices for our attendees on how to navigate our online marketplace.

SOURCING Online opens at 12:00am EST on March 1st, 2021 and closes at 11:59pm EST on May 1st, 2021.

We highly recommend that once you connect with an exhibitor that you follow you up in a timely manner as once the Marketplace is closed their listing will expire on the platform. We also recommed saving the exhibitor's contact information to follow up with offline. If you need an exhibitor's contact information, you may reach out to us at [email protected].


Shopping SOURCING at MAGIC Online

SOURCING Online is available for designers, retailers, brand owners, sourcing professionals, production specialists, consultants, media professionals, and all fashion and footwear B2B buyers. If you do not see your category listed please contact [email protected]

You will be able to source the entire global supply chain, including the following categories: apparel, accessories, fabric and trim, prints and packaging, denim, footwear, home, service providers, machinery and fashion technology, sustainable alternatives, private/white label, ready stock, and PPE for medical and non-medical use.

Upon visiting an exhibitor’s digital profile, product or showroom page, you can request to connect via “Connect” button. This button will then send a notification to the exhibitor to accept your request to connect. Once accepted, you can begin your inquiry with the exhibitor through the platform's messaging tool. Some exhibitors may set their preference for automatic connections, in this case you will be able to send a message immediately.

The SOURCING at MAGIC Online platform generates automated notifications. Both exhibitors and attendees receive notifications alerting them of messages and connection requests. You must be logged in to receive notifications. You can track messages in your inbox and connections right in your profile. Exhibitors will also receive anotification via email that they have received a message or connection request.

From your credentials email that you will receive, you will be given a link to set-up your profile. You can also update your profile anytime once you are logged in.

Within SOURCING Online you can search for specific exhibitors from the main landing page under Exhibitor Directory or you can start typing in the search box at the top of the Discover Page. Additionally, each exhibitor’s showroom page has a unique URL, which you can request from exhibitors to help direct you to their specific company profile page. They can share their showroom via the "Share Showroom" link in their exhibitor profile. If you don't see them on the list, you can send an invite to join right on the platform or send us a message and we can reach out to them on your behalf.

Once logged into SOURCING Online, you are able to add/save Favorites and create Wishlists of exhibitors and products to your profile and refer back to them later.

We highly recommend our exhibitors to respond to messages and connection requests within 24-48 hours. Be mindful of time zone differences and holidays and other possible extended vacations that may be uniquely observed in their specific country and/or region. If after 48 hours have passed you haven't received a response and you would still like to follow up on an inquiry or connect, we can reach out on your behalf. Send us a message at [email protected].

While each exhibitor is different, keep in mind that many exhibitors are based in another country or region, thus in a different time zone. While we encourage exhibitors to promptly respond to all inquiries, other factors such as regional holidays and extended vacation times may delay responses in some cases. If you are having issues reaching an exhibitor, let us know at [email protected] and we'll gladly try to assist.

You can search the complete list of exhibitors in the Exhibitor Directory right on the platform. You may also discover exhibitors by product category, country of origin, minimum order quantity, and many other search filters.


General Questions

Wonderful, you already know the countless benefits of doing business online. Accessing SOURCING at MAGIC Online is as simple as registering for the 2-month marketplace, where, in contrast to other platforms, you can explore the widest variety of exhibitors available across various product categories and countries and regions -- all in a curated and easy-to-use digital platform. Additionally, helpful tools, resources and exclusive educational content will be available for you to view and access.

SOURCING at MAGIC Online takes the most comprehensive apparel & footwear markeplace in North America and fuses it with the latest technology to bring you world class tools, resources, and features to a single easy-to-use platform. This enables you to access the entire global supply chain and exclusive world class education, resources, and editorial content all in one place available 24/7. Best of all, our marketplace in open for a 2-month period launching March 1st, 2021.

For any questions not covered by the FAQ page feel free to reach out to [email protected] You can also Direct Message us on Instagram or Twitter @SourcingatMAGIC.

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