First look: Kikiriki (Shop Kikiriki MAGIC Las Vegas)
Dresses: Reveuse (Shop Reveuse at MAGIC New York)

With a new year of MAGIC events ahead, our recently launched seasonal creative campaigns capture 2023’s celebration of bold and personal dressing, as well as a sense of optimism for all that the future holds.  


Get ready to kick off the new year with a renewed sense of energy and purpose; along with style that matches that sentiment. The seasonal creative campaigns for MAGIC Las Vegas and MAGIC New York introduce to our community of brands and buyers a season of trends that captures a post-pandemic desire for styling with purpose and dressing with presence.  

The MAGIC Las Vegas seasonal creative campaign explores a futuristic world through cosmically inspired styling, imagining a dream where top trends of high-shine materials, shapely silhouettes, and next-level embellishment - influenced by what’s to come - collide with moments that wink at the past with cheerful Y2K dressing and moments of nineties maximalist accessorizing.

For MAGIC New York, an exploration of individuality comes through bold color expression and directional shapes. Experimentation and discovery are always top of mind in NYC; this season, our campaign brings unapologetic style to the streets, where fearless fashion and dopamine dressing live in the heart of the city.


All the seasonal creative campaign looks, which reflect the feel-good, positive vibes of the season, have also inspired the product and collections from brands that tap into the desire for this hopeful future. With an eye towards what’s next, celebrating a higher state of consciousness and optimism, look for styling and trend moments that prioritize mindfulness and positivity above all else.



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MAGIC Las Vegas
February 13-15, 2023

MAGIC New York
February 21-23, 2023



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