Letter from Tom Nastos - MICAM Americas Introduction

February 5, 2020

Dear Footwear Community,

This fall, Informa partners with the key international footwear trade fair MICAM Milano to introduce MICAM Americas.

Informa believes in the power of strategic partnerships to create innovative platforms that connect and inspire the Fashion Industry. We’re proud of MAGIC’s footprint that hosts the leading global destination for the footwear industry in the USA. While the February 2020 edition marks the retirement of the FN PLATFORM brand, Footwear News (FN) will continue as an essential and valued press partner of MAGIC.

This new alliance with MICAM Milano services our customers with an even better-than-best experience: more access to global trend direction, more international retailer attendance, more introductions to international brands, and more networking opportunity. Together, we build upon MAGIC’s platform and form the most powerful destination in the USA for the international footwear community.

Uniting MICAM Milano’s respected heritage, longstanding expertise, and international relationships with the high standards of service, innovative leadership, and authentic community of MAGIC, our customers gain the best of both trade events in one experience.

This is just the beginning of how this new partnership will inspire and evolve the fashion and commerce experience for both brands and retailers.

Tom Nastos
Chief Commercial Officer
Informa Markets Fashion