MICAM Americas Coming Together: The Power of Partnership

March 31, 2020

MICAM Americas unites 139 years of global heritage and expertise to form the best of both trade events—MAGIC, domestically and MICAM Milano, internationally—in a singular, powerful experience.

This new partnership extends MAGIC’s unique ecosystem of fashion alongside footwear with MICAM Milano’s legacy as an authoritative visionary of the international footwear industry.

In three inspiring days, the entire global footwear community of buyers and sellers converge at MICAM Americas in the Las Vegas Convention Center at this one-stop-event. Chart your business’ future with access to global trend casting, thought-provoking seminars led by influential industry leaders, a hands-on retail matchmaking program, and daily networking events to develop meaningful connections.


 International Access – More Opportunity

MICAM Americas will bring more international footwear retailers and brands to MAGIC than ever before. MICAM Americas is a truly global event—an exciting destination for discovery and opportunity.

Experience a convergence of culture; from high fashion to fast fashion, handcrafted to mass market, and every style in between. Imagine the possibilities - new markets, new buyers, new brands, new worlds. Be there to witness it. Be there to set your business up for success, amplifying your access to key decision-makers and new connections.

The Best of Worlds – Experience and Innovation

MICAM Americas is where brands and retailers come to inspire and be inspired. Continuing our commitment as the leading international destination for the footwear industry in the U.S., our community gains added value from the combined leadership of MAGIC and MICAM Milano. Expect increased access to global trend forecasting, new immersive and experiential themes, and enhanced trade prowess that defines what’s new and next for the footwear industry.


Fueling the Future of an Industry

Be part of the zeitgeist and where the future begins. We believe that the benefits of face-to-face experiences go beyond the transactional. Our vibrant footwear community thrives on the exchange of innovative ideas and imagination when we connect. From international fashion trends to emerging business pathways, MICAM Americas invites you to the future of a more connected footwear community.