Men's Trend Report F/W 20-21 presented by Fashion Snoops


Discover the biggest trends for Men Fall/Winter 2020-2021 presented by Fashion Snoops 

February 20, 2020


We've partnered with Fashion Snoops to bring you an exclusive presentation of the biggest F/W 20/21 trends. Preview the trends and get ready for the buying season. 


Embrace the new way to do traditonal. Oversized outerwear, cozy tailoring and super chunky corduroy are all highlights of this trend. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and textures. To continue learning about TEMPEST click here.


Jettison is heritage aviation and pay honor in every apsect. There will be military-inspired sweaters, modern cargos and aggressive boot shapes. To find out more about JETTISON click here.



OUTRÉ blurs gender lines. It embraces sweet masculinity and soft strength. Everything is very playful with items like cozy pants,exaggerated abstract plaids and gender-bending prints. To find out more about OUTRÉ click here.




Dominion is tomorrow's office look. Techo shirts, translucent layers and patterned denim will be in this trend. To find out more about DOMINION click here.



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