Attendee FAQs

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to help you get MAGIC ready!

Update on Novel Coronavirus

The MAGIC team is closely monitoring developments of the Novel Coronavirus, which first emerged from Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The health and safety of the community that gathers at MAGIC is our top priority and we are following all safety advice and precautions as recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO). Please rest assured that while we are monitoring the situation as an international business, and staying up to date on official sources of updates and guidance from the government and authorities, it’s entirely business as usual for our events.

Given the global nature of MAGIC, we will also continue to monitor the restricted travel from impacted areas within China and the screening procedures at international airports.

General Registration Questions

In order to attend our fashion tradeshows, all attendees must be qualified to determine the nature of their company's business and relationship to the fashion industry. All credentials are reviewed, and admittance to the show is subject to the approval of Show Management. Valid credentials may include: an active e-commerce website; Tax Registration showing your business is a valid retailer, wholesaler, distributor or importer/exporter; Recent invoices for the purchase of finished products.

Online registration is open throughout the duration of the show, if you are pre-qualified.

On-site registration is available on all show days. Please be aware that wait times may be longer than for those who pre-registered for their badges. If registering on-site, please be prepared to present credentials at time of registration.

For verified retailers, registration is free to attend all shows taking place at the LVCC. For non-retailing business categories, a fee of $500 - $2,500 may apply. Please contact our Customer Service Team for details, to register, and to complete payment.

Your badge will grant you access to MAGIC events taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Your badge does not grant you access to other non-MAGIC events.

Business identification requirements are subject to the discretion of Show Management and may include one or more of the following:

  • Active Website
  • Tax Registration
  • Recent Invoices: (From last 6 months) that are from 3 different vendors for finished goods, apparel, footwear, accessories. Purchase orders and handwritten invoices are not acceptable.
  • Photo ID
  • Business Card: Listing the address of your business & job title
  • Account List: Proof of buying office
  • Credit Reference Sheet: Showing companies you purchase from
  • Letter of Intent: From a broker or lawyer on official letterhead stating type of business and anticipated opening date.

If you registered and received a confirmation email or badge that notes “Sourcing Only” or “S” this means that due to your business category type you are approved to attend SOURCING AT MAGIC and FOOTWEAR SOURCING AT MAGIC only. Sourcing Only badge holders are welcome to attend all MAGIC seminars.

Please contact Customer Service and one of our show experts will be glad to assist you. Call US +1 (877) 554-4834, International +1 (218) 740-6873.

No, all on-site seminars are free to attend with your attendee or exhibitor badge.

Children under the age of 18 are permitted on the show floor during show hours only. A child authorization form must be completed at registration to receive a badge.

Instructors and their students are welcome. At least one faculty member for every 10 students is required. Please contact Customer Service at (877) 554-4834 to register your student group and to be added to our email list for the show.

One guest is allowed per retail company.

No, a unique email address is required for each registrant.

No, each person needs to register and be credentialed separately for the event.

We've negotiated a limited number of reduced-rate hotel rooms to make your trip to Las Vegas affordable. Please visit the Hotel & Travel page for a list of participating hotels and to book your room.

A variety of food and beverage options are available on-site for purchase, both on and off the show floor.

We provide complimentary shuttles to get you to and from the show servicing the most popular hotels in Las Vegas, as well as negotiated deals with independent transportation providers. Please refer to the Hotel & Travel page for details on show shuttles and other transportation options.

Scooters are available at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Yes, during show hours only.

No pets are allowed except documented service animals.

Only event staff and authorized media may take stills or video.

Please contact Customer Service and one of our show experts will be glad to assist you. Call US +1 (877) 554-4834, International +1 (218) 740-6873.


Wristband Questions

New! Wristbands for Tap & Go Access:

This season at MAGIC, we're introducing out Digital Badge and 'Tap & Go' wristbands for show entry.
To ensure a smooth transition to this process, please read below.

The wristbands is a seamless process of, "Tap & Go." Not only does your wristband carry your company information, it also grants you physical access to the MAGIC show floor including seminars, events, happy hours, and after hour performances.

There are several attendee registration locations within the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

Registration Locations: Coming Soon

Assistance is available to you at any of out registration locations. We also have helpful App Success team members to assist with any questions or concerns. Here are some helpful tips of how to put on the wristband to ensure you have a comfortable experience:

  • Find a friend! You only get one shot at this, so we recommend an extra hand to help.
  • Use the one finger rule. The wristband should be snug enough that no more than one finger can fit between the band and your wrist. The band can be on either your left or right wrist, whichever feels more comfortable.
  • Slide the closure towards your wrist to tighten. Hold the loose ends when sliding. The closure slides one-way and cannot be loosened.
  • Please do NOT cut the loose ends.

Yes, we are asking for all MAGIC participants to wear their wristband, at all times. The wristband allows access on and off the show floor with a “Tap and Go” entrance.

Unfortunately, no. The wristband must be worn on your wrist each day.

Unfortunately, no. Each wristband is linked to your unique digital badge.

Please visit one of our Onsite Registration locations.

Recycle bins will be located at each lobby space.

The wristbands is seamless process of, "Tap & Go." Not only does your wristband carry your company information but it allows you to quickly move from show to show between each hall.

Yes, everyone is required to wear and have a wristband to walk the show floor.

Please visit one of our Onsite Registration locations.

No, after you have registered and received your wristband, that wristband will allow you access for all show days.


Digital Badge Questions

NEW! Wristband and digital badge access - what's the difference?

In an effort to be more sustainable, we have adopted a digital badge found within your MAGIC LAS VEGAS mobile app. Your credentials and ID are found within the badge section of the mobile app so you can share your contact information with colleagues. This will also be used for those that have special floor access (VIP, etc.).

Your digital badge is located on the MAGIC Las Vegas App when you download the app to your smart phone device.

Through your smart phone, go to the Apple store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users). Search MAGIC LAS VEGAS in the app store or access the following link from your device: Download and you are all set!

The digital badge is our new badging system, it contains the same information as printed badge, like your name, company information, and other credentials.

Yes, in order to retrieve your digital badge you will need to login to your previous account or create a new account using your email address and last name as noted in your registrationconfirmation email.

The digital badge is located under the tab ‘Badge’ on the main home screen of the app.

If the badge on your app has incorrect information (name, company, etc), please visit one of our Onsite Registration locations.

No worries, present your registration confirmation email or confirmation number at any registration location and we will be able to assist.

There is a dedicated App Success Team located throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition for App-related technical questions, please contact the tech support team through the Tech Help menu located in the top right corner menu of the App.

Complimentary Wi-Fi will be available to you throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center. Please visit your nearest Customer Service desk or App Success Team member for assistance.

Mobile device charging stations will be available to you throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center.